Thursday, October 14, 2010

Drive it like you stole it!

Well I went shopping tonight, and no I didn't steal anything.  Didn't have to the nice folks at Target knew i was coming and had all their Hot Wheel singles on sale!  So less than lunch at Taco Hell I picked up the start of a really nice stable of cars.  I picked out a really cool little VW Golf GTI that I'm going to outfit for small kart style races. For use as big series 5 and series 10 cars I picked up a classic '69 Pontiac GTO, big guns are the plans for this one.  Lastly because I could, what will probably be my series 10 racer a Aston Martin DBS, just for fun and snobbery!  I'll try to document their progress, I'll be using several of the techniques shown here in the tutorials so probably not much new, just sweet cars and big guns.


LokRobster said...

The new cable series 'Falling Skies' features a GTO convertible with a pintel-mounted Browning .50 in the back. SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

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