Friday, September 17, 2010

Amateur Night

Originally posted to SJ Games Forum by the LokRobster reposted here - Matt

We used the 'Amateur Kart' [featured in a link on these forums, thanks!] for each of the four drivers, but used the 3x scale models we've been working on rather than actual sub-compact size cars or counters.

The Amateur Kart is a $2.6k vehicle with very light armor, micro-missile launcher front, and a debris dropper rear, and standard 4DP tires. All the vehicles lost at least 1 tire and a few were disabled move-wise because of debris vs. tire trouble. We went with this for simplicity for our first event, next time we'll do a division event [probably 10] and use the CW sets or player designed vehicles.

I liked the CW5 rules well enough, the super-simplified phases are nice - I can see how they cause collision-figuring problems, though! We're all pretty laid back and are more interested in fun than rules-lawyering; funny how much difference that makes.

The whole event lasted 7 seconds and covered about 2/3 of the arena area we laid down.

11x17 image, landscape. 1/60 scale 2 lane two-way divided highway

Road section for 11x17 printing. 1/60 scale, 1" should be about 5'. At scale 60mph a car would cover a little more than one of these per second [actual length, 17 inches = 85 feet, car at 60mph is about 90ft/sec]

images/textures are free use :D

The Bronze, Main Police Force Interceptor w/ turret and side mounted launch pods, paint and guns by Ragpunk

TX Bug "Crazy Dan" and his MG-armed VW. each turn [1 second] rolled die to see which of the 3 of us would control him for that second...

'69 firebird w/ hood mounted guns and a top-mount VMG

last of the v-8 interceptors... road warriored

Green dropping debris...

passing the spectator vehicle

luckily he's just observing

the green firebird is going 60mph, while the falconXb is only at 40mph...

green firebird tried a bend but fishtailed instead, right in front of Interceptor -- debris drops right on its frontend!

debris tore off the left front tire, while the black car's micro-missile shot blew off the green's rear right wheel.

at 70mph, the Bronze is lined up for the killing run

that's a LOT of debris getting dropped up there... and CrazyDan's bug begins its flight

trying to aim NOT getting jumped on

bug is going 50mph, interceptor at 40mph... lower right of pic, trench coat guy watches the action

CrazyDan lands, blows out tires... doesn't hit anyone...

no one is maneuvering, too many hazards and tire damage!

Dan's bug is mostly disabled, heads straight ahead hoping to shoot whoever crosses in front of him.

The Bronze is still going much faster than anyone else, the green firebird slows to 40mph in preparation for a bootleg reverse.

Bootleg stop against arena wall.

The Bronze crossed in front of the black interceptor and the bug, taking 2 shots to the right side and getting himself killed in the process. The Interceptor rammed the bug [t-bone collision], and found that ramming without a ram plate and weak front armor ain't a good idea...

wrecked cars roll or skid to a stop

final moment

Green Firebird wins!

LokRobster considers running for the still-running Bronze vehicle, but realizes he wouldn't make it...

Taking a dirt-nap after getting blown up.