Friday, June 24, 2011

Arena Event - JULY 4th

This Independence Day we'll be running a Car Wars Division 10 Free-For-All! We will be doing 5e 1/64 scale - Any published Division 10 vehicle can be used [including the upgrade Div5 models], and cobbled together home-brew designs [using the SJGames forum reverse-engineered numbers] may be considered.

Location will be the Cultural Hall of the Malone Chapel in Denton, TX - it's a family gather but visitors are welcome.


LokRobster said...

The arena will be the newly remodeled for 2061 Cowboys Stadium. Sponsored by the Arlington MFP and the North Texas Autoduel Association.

LokRobster said...

We'll be doing the same thing this year, I think we'll bump it up to Div 15 :)

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